COVID-19 Update

Hello CORE Community, 

We have a confession to make. When we were first hit by the pandemic our team here at CORE took time re-evaluate our future goals that could survive these uncertain times. During this phase we took our time to understand our clients needs & how we could work towards providing you with guilt-free minimalist essentials.

These uncertain times have also cut our team down by half and we now focus on providing jobs to people who need it most, our talented tailors & pattern cutters, our team of every-day workers that survive from meal to meal.

When you do good, good comes to you. Over the last 2 months we have had an overwhelming response on our website and have been selling out on almost everything. That being said, we grew too fast too soon and we didn't know how to hit the breaks in time.

Now, we're overwhelmed, with love & orders and we are so grateful to everyone who comes on this website and purchases something from our small business

Our team of two now currently wears two hundred hats trying to streamline our operations, while a few orders are facing delays we are trying our best to keep up with the demand and meet timelines. We are only human, so we request you to understand that all mask orders will take AT LEAST 15 business days to be shipped & delivered to you. We are trying our best to respond to all enquiries, big orders, custom orders, clothing & masks. Be rest assured that we are committed to providing all our clients with exceptional service with a lot of kindness. That's who we are and that's how we aim to communicate with everyone who comes our way. 



Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow this small business, we hope to continue this journey with you & share a lifetime of memories, products, services, milestones & hurdles with our loving CORE Community. 


With love,