Aloe Vera and Banana Crepe Clothes from Core by JSL

Designers Jyoti and Sayesha Sachdev who recently launched their organic clothing brand, Core by JSI, in Bengaluru, debuted the label’s summer range of apparel infused with aloe vera, banana crepe and poppy cotton, reported The collection that comprises flowy dresses, trousers, jumpsuits and skirts comes on the occasion of Jyoti Sachdeva’s own brand JSI completing 20 years. The fabrics for Core are sourced from vendors across Delhi and Kolkata, and they’re “eco-verified”. The dyes for their prints are organic too. The report quoted Sayesha Sachdeva on the inherent features of aloe vera: “Every time an infused garment is worn, aloe helps keep the skin cool,” and added that these capsules are microscopic, airtight and waterproof. Aloe vera is naturally anti-bacterial, and not only does it keep the clothing cleaner , it also combats body odour, perfect for the blazing summer months ahead.