Clean Beauty: Stay Rooted


It’s always a good time to start pampering your skin the right way. I’ll be honest, I took my skin for granted for so long, didn’t really care to understand it or what I was putting on it and how it could harm me till a few years ago, remember that bad experience I spoke about in my last article? Well, something good came from it, my love for clean beauty and constantly improving skin.

Years of trial & error later, here’s what I’ve learned. I’m not going into details because we all have different skin that reacts to products in all kinds of ways, I’ll bring in an expert for that. Here I’m going to be talking about Clean Beauty and why staying rooted can be magical for your skin.

Just so we understand how important clean beauty & the purpose behind my thoughts, I’m listing a few known toxic ingredients found in most cosmetic/beauty products- skincare & makeup:

1. Parabens: Mainly used as preservatives in cosmetic products like makeup & skincare to prevent the growth of bacteria Parabens have been used by large & small beauty companies since the 50’s because it’s cheap & effective. Parabens are known xenoestrogens, i.e. they mimic estrogen in our body, this causes a hormonal imbalance that leads to diseases like breast cancer, reproductive issues, and well… low sperm count. The most commonly used Parabens are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to cut them out.


2. Mineral Oils: Chemically known as Parrafins, found in creams & ointments. Parrafins are extracted from crude oil (yikes) if the environmental damage isn’t enough, get this… you’re using petrol (occlusive agent) on your body. Products that contain these “mineral oils” are just grease sitting on the top layer of skin and gives you the illusion of moisture when in reality you’re just greasy, your pores don’t breathe and you’re prone to skin diseases & allergies.


3. Unnatural Fragrances or Parfum: Sucker for scented products? I was too till I stumbled upon research that taught me why I should avoid them, so here’s the tea - Parfums in fact are the beauty industries' most well-known allergens. A study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) suggests that some can trigger neurological problems and cause asthma attacks. Almost as bad as secondhand smoke these fragrances can cause lifelong health risks & allergic reactions that reoccur often. Parfum-free products don’t mean we choose fragrance-free products, while some may love that (I don’t mind it at all) a great alternative is to look for natural essential oils. Fragrant, natural & some work wonders for your skin. I add a few drops with carrier oils or facemasks and kiss harmful Parfums goodbye.



4. Hydroquinone: known to lighten & even skin tones this known allergen can cause respiratory diseases if used regularly. I mean with everything we’re learning about health & hygiene don’t you think it’s time we learn to let go of these chemicals? It’s been banned in Europe, Japan & Australia as studies have shown that Hydroquinone enhances the risk of cancer by damaging DNA.
These are just 4, I can list more than 10 - you can watch the series on our Instagram Stories today.

Jumping right back into the importance of clean beauty, if the above ingredients haven’t sent shivers down your spine already then there’s some more I’d like to tell you. Its time we turn our jars around and inform ourselves of what we are putting on our skin. Labels give us vital information that can improve our skin, health & lives. Clean beauty products are made from natural & man-made ingredients putting emphasis on safety over source. That’s the textbook definition, I’d say. Safety is the primary concern for humans when it comes to our day-to-day lives & if it wasn’t earlier I’m sure it’s up there on your priority list now so here is how I looked back at my childhood to bring clean beauty into my life today —

We hear a bunch on scientific research and dermatologists concocting facials, serums & promises of youthful skin, etc… but let me take you on a different journey today, while I’m all for innovation in the *clean* beauty space I want to take this back to my roots.

I know we all think we have the most beautiful grandmothers & I’m sure we do, my grand-mum has been my heart & soul growing up, I look at myself today and my life skills & the ability to adapt and survive are all thanks to her, (work ethic goes to you mom). If it isn’t obvious already, I grew up with her, with that came the most incredible beauty concoctions. If you saw her today you wouldn’t believe she’s old enough to be a grandma, soft, supple constantly glowing skin, it’s magical! Growing up she taught me to bring it back home, think local and make do with what you have. I’d spend my summers looking out of our living room windows, eating mangoes and watching her concoct things delicious and sometimes absurd beauty treatments. Oils, infusions, fruits, vegetables, vitamins - anything she could find around her. Potato skin peels to a mix of turmeric & gram flour to scrub my baby hair away, regular Multani mitti facemasks, peels, scrubs, steams she did it all. While it didn’t appeal to me then I laugh at myself now for not giving it that much heed. Banana peel rubs on her face what a great way to reuse food waste, feed it to your skin!

I think most of this comes with growing up in an Indian household. How many of us have grand ma’s who always had the most natural beauty rituals? I think it’s something we should appreciate and carry on, not for sentimental value but because over centuries we have proven that nature works wonders on our skin (by that I don’t mean poison ivy) so start your clean beauty journey at home, with what you have - an investment of time instead of money.

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